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How To Work Out At Home When All You Want To Do Is Sit On The Couch

February 22, 2017

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The home workout game has changed as the days of videos of kooky instructors jumping around in questionable leotards have come to an end. Thanks to many sophisticated online resources that now cater specifically to our desire to workout when we want, when we want it, there are many ways to effectively get in an excellent sweat session before you leave the house AND stay motivated to stick with it.

Find a Program

Instead of just ordering a DVD that looks good, or following the latest trendy workout, do some due diligence and pick out a program that interests you AND will offer a schedule. If you pick something that you enjoy doing you are more likely to actually do it! The good news is that there are endless amounts of at home workouts to choose from. So where do you start?

One of my favorite options is from the adorable and perfectly Californian “Tone It Up” girls. This program offers at it’s core, a series of 31 day challenges via the website that can be done daily for free. Their nutrition plan which includes recipes and meal planning information based on clean eating can be purchased for $150. You can also order apparel, digital exercise programs and supplements. However, the strongest parts of this program the social media community, the fun daily workouts via the website and YouTube channel, and healthy lifestyle advice are free. Why not give it a try?

Another excellent option is Beachbody On Demand. It’s an online streaming service that can be tried for 30 days completely free, and includes a comprehensive library of Beachbody programs. Recent additiions include the 3 Week Yoga Retreat, “Fixate” (an online cooking show), as well as past hits like Insanity Max 30 – an excellent 30 day High Intensity Interval Training program that allows for maximum calorie burn all in 30 minute (or less) daily workouts. A 30 day calendar and nutrition guide are part of every program that is offered online. After 30 days, simply continue with the online streaming service for $44 quarterly along with a personal coach and 10% off programs and apparel. Streaming is also possible for full programs such as the 21 Day Fix. This is a personal favorite, because it offers such a variety of workouts daily (think cardio, plyo, weight training all in 30 minutes or less and a comprehensive nutrition program for $140. Paired with a personalized coach who provides meal planning and motivation, and an online support and accountability group, the value for your money on this one can’t be beat.

Another option is the ever-popular Tracey Anderson method. Although she runs personal training and in-studio classes on the coasts, her dance-based at home workouts are fun and effective especially for core toning. Her workouts started as DVDs, but can now be streamed online. While her in-studio workouts and retreats can add up to a small fortune, and are favored by celebs, the streaming videos available in the range of $20-$40 are a great way to join the #tamily experience without breaking the bank.

Create a Designated Fitness Space

It doesn’t have to be glamorous, or even very big, but where you workout at home is very important. Make sure there is enough room to stretch and jump, and try to locate your space near a little bit of light. If you have little children like I do, it also might make sense to find somewhere a bit secluded to prevent unwanted interruptions! If you are working in a space where the floor is not padded, I recommend setting up mats to make things bit more comfortable.

Get Your Equipment

Usually, with a standard set of basic equipment, you’ll be able to jump into just about any workout. I’d suggest a basic yoga mat, a set of 3 and 5 pound weights and resistance bands. But don’t let a lack of equipment stop you! There are plenty of programs that require only one critical piece of equipment you don’t need to buy – your own body.

Plan To Workout Before You Start The Day

Getting in a workout when you first wake up is not only a GREAT way to start the day, but it means you can’t find excuses for why you can’t exercise later on. Lay out your clothes before you go to sleep – even your sneakers. Set your alarm and put your phone or clock across the room so that you need to get out of bed to turn it off. Have the workout loaded onto your ipad or laptop and set up the night before so that all you need to do is peel open your eyes jump into your clothes and push play.

Not an early bird? Don’t worry, you can workout whenever suits you best. But be sure to prioritize your exercise by blocking out time on your calendar. Then plan to do your workouts the same way you would schedule time for a work meeting or doctor’s appointment. If you don’t block out time to workout you have a greater chance of not doing it at all.

Never, EVER Underestimate the Power of Sassy Pants

Invest in workout clothes that inspire you and make you smile. For me, the crazier the workout pants, the better. One of the very best things about home workouts is that no one sees what you are wearing!

These days you do NOT need to spend a fortune to workout in style. I love the styles offered via Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line and although a bit pricier, Athleta http://athleta.gap.com, is currently CRUSHING it in the athleisure game.

Know Your Output

Smart fitness watches are well worth the investment. A device like the FitBit Blaze lets me see at a moment’s glance how many calories I’m burning, my heart rate,  the number of steps I take and inspire me to do new workouts. FitBit in fact now offers several excellent fitness options – varying in price from approximately $100-$180. Other options include the Apple Watch which is a more comprehensive option – offering not only fitness tracking but elegant design, phone capability, and additional apps and games. Garmin also remains a strong player in this space and the newest offering, the Vivosmart HR is a very appealing competitor to the Blaze at just $100.


Brett Cortell

Brett is a former manager at Instyle.com and mom to 3 young boys. She is now a lifestyle blogger, health coach and certified fitness instructor who is passionate about finding ways for women to lead their best lives.