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The Apps One Working Woman Can’t Live Without

January 31, 2017

Fran Hauser

Fran Hauser is an early stage investor, long-time media executive, a vocal advocate for women across the globe and a mom to two little boys. With over fifteen years in the media industry where she was best known for her role in building People.com, Fran knows how to get the job done better than anyone else we know. We talked with Fran about her favorite apps that make life at work – and at home – much easier and more productive.

Here’s her list of apps that will help you work smarter in 2017 and beyond.

Evernote: Whether I’m capturing action items from a meeting or need to jot down an idea when I’m on-the-go, Evernote keeps all my notes organized and in one place. I have it installed on all my devices and the search function is critical for helping me find the information I need quickly.

Boomerang: Every Gmail user can benefit from using Boomerang. It lets you send emails later, pings you when you don’t hear back, and gives you follow-up reminders. It’s kind of like having a personal assistant inside your inbox.

DocScan: A lot of my sons’ activities require printing out a form, filling it out, signing it and sending it back in. This app lets you simply take a photo of a form and the result is a high-quality, clear document that you can email back to any address.

LinkedIn: I often spend my day going from meeting to meeting, and sometimes I need a refresher on the person I’m about to grab coffee with. The LinkedIn app provides a great snapshot. It also enables me to discover mutual connections or connect with new contacts when I’m at an event.

Google Drive: I use Google Drive to store and share documents about everything from work to school to volunteering activities. Through both the app and desktop version, I can easily share files with others and determine what level of permissions to give them.

Cozi: My kids have busy schedules, too. Cozi is a calendar app that helps me keep their days organized. Being able to share it with a nanny or a mother’s helper is key so it’s always clear where the kids are and what’s on their plate on any given day.

ToDo: I’ve tried several different methods for keeping track of to-do’s, and this one’s my favorite. With a clean user interface and intuitive features that work well across devices, ToDo helps me easily manage my lists – whether it’s emails I need to send or things I need to pick up at the grocery store.

Meditation Studio: Research has shown that meditating regularly brings neurological benefits. Mediation Studio is my daily source of zen. It makes meditation accessible and doesn’t require a big time or financial investment.



Catherine Sharick

The former head of TIME.com and now a work from home mom with three kids, Cathy knows how to manage a house and career. She’s currently consulting for early stage startups and leading content at JOYST where she is helping women take back time for themselves.