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Holiday Guide

9 Tips For Decorating Your Home For The Holidays

November 18, 2016

Holidays are a special time in any home. It is the time when family & friends get together to share stories, laughs and create memories.   It is no wonder why most of us want to make the time spent together a special and warm occasion.  A home takes center stage and becomes a backdrop to all of your joyous moments.  We asked HomePolish’s design expert Becky Shea for some of her tricks of the trade for getting your house holiday ready. 

What are your go to sources for holiday decorations?

I love shopping on Etsy for special, hand made, one of a kind pieces, I love how clever west elm ornaments are. I usually buy 1 or 2 new ones each year from them that speak to the theme of our Christmas decor.  And lastly, I always love to make my own! I use acorns from Central Park, cut up tree stumps from the guys selling trees on the corner and then spray paint them with black chalkboard paint.

What are some trends you are seeing when decorating your holiday table?

More natural, purist decor. People are going back to basics. Nature, natural textiles and linens, sultry dinnerware and flatware. I’m seeing a lot of black, greys, twine, jute, linen, rosemary sprigs (for napkin fillers) and the use of multi table runners and ribbon (in the same material compositions)

What do you suggest for your front door?

Always a natural wreath! Whether it be made of magnolia leaves or boxwood, natural is best. I always love to use real. It gives your entryway a nice smell and there’s nothing better than the real scent of the holidays.

What are your favorite outdoor holiday lights?

Being a Florida girl, Christmas lights were always a staple for the holidays. However, my family and I always stuck to white lights that gave our green life a little life and made our property sparkle as if snow had just fallen on the ground. Now, living in New York, I’m limited on how many outdoor lights I can use and can only fill my 60 square feet of balcony space with so much without it looking like a stadium.  So it forces me to be all about minimalism. I usually use these lights intertwined into magnolia, balsam fir or boxwood. I love how fairy lights give off this beautiful twinkle when wrapped around garland.  It certainly gives my balcony an elevated look.

What is your favorite color scheme for decorating a tree or other places around your house?

Beige, deep reds, olive greens, black and white. I also love the use of materials from the wild as mentioned earlier. I’m constantly using acorns and tree stumps!

Are there specific things you can do around your home to freshen up for overnight guests? How do you like to prepare a guest room to make it welcoming?

This is my favorite part of having guests. Surprised? Probably not! Ha.

I always have a clean set of towels and face towels (wrapped in twine with a welcome note) and sheets in a beautiful basket. I love to prepare goodies like toothbrushes from west elm market that are made of wood, with a travel size toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. I also always include a $10 metro card so they can get on their feet when they arrive in the city, some baked goods (usually chocolate chip cookies) and a handmade fishtail and mums soap from my personal bath and body collection.

How can Homepolish help you decorate for the holidays?

Hire a designer and you’ll get the best elves in town to make your home the place to be for the holidays. We’ll source the right product and come to your home to make as festive as you dreamed!

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