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Holiday Guide

9 Gifts Ideas for Busy Women

November 15, 2016

Let’s face it, what women really want for the holidays is the gift of time, convenience, and motivation to tackle that perpetual to-do list. That’s why we have found  the best giftable services that allow women to outsource their most time-consuming chores while also giving them ways to take time for themselves. Here are JOYST’s picks for the most unique gift ideas for busy women—plus, some unexpected items that will surprise and delight.

Personal Tech Help

Who doesn’t dream of having her own personal IT department to tackle all those pesky tech tasks there never seem to be enough time for? Now, you can get affordable tech support right at your door from HelloTech.  The site offers a variety of services from setting up a TV to connecting your smart home and even managing your family calendar system and cloud services. HelloTech offers gift cards which can be applied to any service.  Through a series of simple questions, she can book her own “techie” to come to the house with a click of a button.  Or, if she’s the go-to tech help for the family, save her sanity and encourage her to use her HelloTech credit to set up the grandparents for video chatting with the grandchildren or photo sharing the latest family vacation.  May she never have to hear things like “why is my phone memory full?” or “how do I stop Facebook notifications?” ever again .

The Ultimate Closet Clean Out

Stepping into The Container Store has been known to lead to an out-of-body experience for women and men alike. It holds the promise of a truly organized home — all you need are matching clear  jars and drawers to make the dream happen, right?  But in reality, a home project of such magnitude requires much more than a dream and a promise made out of plastic. It calls for  time and energy to actually implement such intricate storage systems.  Meet your own personal organizational  genie – The Container Store in-home organization service. These storage savants will come to the  house to help develop a system for your closet, transform that guest bedroom into an in-home office that she’s been dreaming about, or help to finally get rid of the clutter. At $75 an hour, it’s the perfect gift.

Exercise Motivation

Finding time to work out always tops the list of complaints from busy women. From anyone, really. What she needs is a way to make exercise fun, and there’s nothing like a killer playlist to get pumped up. Spotify now offers a Running program that matches your running speed to the tempo of the music. With the premium subscription, you will not only keep motivated at the gym , but also have thousands of songs at your fingertips.  At just $10 a month this is definitely the gift that keeps on giving. Many retailers like Target and BestBuy offer physical gift cards, or you can gift it via the Spotify site (you have to log in first) or GiftCards.com. Next, she needs to dress the part of being a workout warrior. Similar to other online subscription fashion services, MySweatStyle.com lets you create a personalized profile and sends you a monthly box of workout wear. Give her a gift card and she can customize her profile based on  her favorite activities, where and how she wears her workout clothes (everywhere?), in her favorite colors, styles, and fit preferences. And if she is in a rut and visiting the same class over and over, or doesn’t know where to get started,  there is always a gift pass to ClassPass which lets you try different classes.

Photo Organization

The number one thing women tell us they want help with? Organizing digital photos. Thanks to having a camera in our hands at all times, we all have hundreds of photos of life’s best moments just sitting on our devices. Help her get them off her phone and into stylish photo books with a Groovebooks monthly subscription. For $2.99/month, every month you select up to 100 images straight from your phone. Groovebooks prints and bounds your selection  into a beautiful paper book. Since this process forces  you to sort through your photos monthly, you eliminate the pressure of picking through years worth of images.  The photos are perforated so you can easily tear and share them with your friends and family – making it easier to update the pictures on grandma’s refrigerator.

A Monthly Care Package

Wine and coffee—they fill up every woman’s Instagram feed. And let’s be honest, they really do help us to get through it all. Now you can deliver a mix of her favorite pick-me-ups every month. CrateJoy.com, a box subscription marketplace, features hundreds  of goods for any taste. From healthy snacks to wine and cocktails to even modern beautiful plants, you will definitely find something she’s passionate about. Or, te of our favorite independent subscriptions: Turntable Kitchen. She’ll receive a curated box of new music and a pairing of recipes. Or, a combo of music and coffee to start her morning right.

Eliminate Car Worries

Imagine a world where your car needed a repair or tune up and you didn’t have to go anywhere or coordinate rides to drop it off (and pick it up!). Guess what, it exists. YourMechanic allows you to schedule a mechanic to come to your home for all your car repairs and oil changes (they even have gift cards). If you’re like some of us, who have traded in driving for the ease of a car service – nothing gets you moving faster than an Uber.  And with an Uber gift card, she’ll be getting around the city with convenience, speed and style – a car service at her fingertips.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

The best gifts are ones she’ll remember for years to come. Give her an excuse to travel with a Lifelong Travel Plan package from Valerie Wilson Travel. This consultation service helps you and your family plan out major trips over the next decade so you can be sure to hit all of the destinations on your bucket list at the right time in your life. [$250 for this initial planning consultation.] If you can only commit to one day of fun, consider a gift certificate to a Cloud 9 Living experience. From learning to fly and racing a Ferrari to going for a paddle down the Chicago River, they give you the gift of thrills all across the country.

A Home Decorating Service

There’s always that one room in the house that could really use an upgrade. Sometimes, it’s the whole house. But where  do you begin? Give her some design oompf and inspiration with an at-home personal interior design service. Whether  she needs advice on paint color  or is finally ready to  un-childproof her home with her kids going off to college.  Home Polish, lets you you hire an interior design expert  to come to your home and answer all of your design questions. They offer designers by the hour (at rate of $130) so you don’t have to commit to a massive (and expensive) project right away. For those who have a clear idea of what project they need help on, we recommend gifting  her a single day session ($390).  Another JOYST favorite with excellent service is Laurel & Wolf. The difference? They are 100 percent virtual. Get matched with a designer and together you can collaborate online  on the perfect vision for your home project.  Welcome to the future of interior design.

An In Home Stylist

Sometimes all it takes to look and feel great is a blow out and a manicure. But who has time for a trip to the salon more than every month or so? Enter Glamsquad where you can buy a beauty package for that special woman on your list who would love to look great in less time – without leaving her home. Search through the menu where she will be given the option to have someone come to her house to style her makeup, nails and her hair with “bombshell curls with extra volume and bounce” or with a “whimsical, perfectly undone undo.” She will be ready to ace her client presentation or look amazing at that party in no time at all – and she will have you to thank for it.  Operating in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami, appointments can be booked in advance or same day on-demand.


Kathleen Murray Harris

Kathleen brings two decades of editorial experience, as the former editor of RealSimple.com, Levo, & The Knot. As a working mom with 3 young kids, Kathleen knows the best tricks to save you time, money, & your sanity.